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Tseday Asrat – Kaldi’s Coffee, coffee shop chain – Ethiopian Women Entrepreneur

Tseday Asrat is the founder and managing director of Ethiopia’s largest coffee shop chain, “Kaldi’s Coffee”. Here we will see her short story including her motivation for becoming an entrepreneur, challenges she faces, elements and habits for her success.

Basic Information

Full Name: Tseday Asrat

Company Name: Kaldi’s Coffee

Date of Birth: September 25, 1975

Country of Birth: Ethiopia

Marital Status: Married and 4 children

Type of Business: Coffee, Agro-industry and Gusto restaurant chains

Short Story

Tseday Asrat was born on September 25, 1975, to Asrat Gebre and Martha Abebe, the second daughter of a middle-class family of four

She went to cathedral catholic school for elementary and Tikur Anbessa for high school.

Started modeling at 17. She worked as a commercial model with Coca Cola, Philips, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and many more.

The fact that she was in the fashion industry helped her closely follow up the trend. Combining her passion for business and fashion, she opened a boutique store when she was 24. She opened a second branch shop after 6 months.

“Looking back, I think I always wanted to open up branches of my business and expand.”

Tseday Asrat

In 2004 Tseday opened the first branch of Kaldi’s Coffee by Edna mall and found her passion.

Tseday is one of the major business players in Ethiopia and a successful model for many women. As true passion is an unstoppable force, Tseday has been unstoppable for 15 years.

Today, Kaldi’s has grown to 38 branches.

Motivation for Becoming an Entrepreneur

Tseday has always been following her passion. She always wanted to own and run her own business.

Tseday saw an opening in the market for combining Ethiopians love for coffee with their need for speed and convenience.

She had often accompanied her Ethiopian Airlines pilot husband on trips to the US and was amazed at the success of Starbucks and brought the concept back to Ethiopia.


When she didn’t get enough point at the national matriculation exam to enter university, she started modelling. Her family insisted she took the exam again to pursue her education but Tseday knew that is not the road she wanted to take.

She had to close down both boutique shops after two years of successful business because of city development and expansion. At that time, Tseday was pregnant with her 2nd child.

Tseday faced an unexpected problem with consistency in the coffee and milk products which led to customer complaints.

Like a true entrepreneur, she faced the problems head-on and started her own supply company. 

Elements of Success

She strongly believes in constant training and mentorship. She trains the supervisors in her businesses who in return train their team.

On the trainings she conducts, Tseday focuses on perception and leadership. She challenges her team to see the reasons behind their actions and decisions.

Kaldi’s now has a training center through which every employee has to go.

Tseday’s philosophy in her businesses is employment, training and promotion. Most of the managers and supervisors at Kaldi’s today have started as waiters and cashiers.

The product quality is consistent across all branches and in an unexpected positive outcome, more jobs were created through the company she founded, Loni AgroIndustry.

“Having purpose in life and passion for what we do help us going through tough times so always examine the reasons behind your decisions.”

Tseday Asrat

Habits of Tseday

She wakes up at 5AM and her work day is over by 5PM. Before 5PM, she is a business woman and after 5PM, she is a mother and a wife.

She plans her week on Mondays and evaluates her weekly execution on Saturdays.

If her husband is in town, they always have lunch together. She goes to the gym 3 times a week. She cooks on Tuesdays.

Additional Businesses

Other businesses under her leadership are:

  • Loni AgroIndustry, a dairy producer, milk processor along with a roaster that also buys coffee on the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX).
  • Gusto chain restaurant, a chain of Italian restaurants.
  • She co-owns Gursha Restaurant in Dubai.

Contacts of Tseday Asrat

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